Single Cylinder 250cc Motards

  • 11/08/2016


In TWIN RING MOTEGI, the 2016 model 250cc class test ride event was held. On that day, it was bad weather but I was able to ride to 2016 models in all categories over a long period of time. This time, I wrote down about the [Supermotard] that is popular again as a 6th report of test drive. Because the motard bike is based off-road motorcycle, it is light, slim and sturdy. So, you can also find attractive above the road motorcycle such as are likely to town riding.


We’d like such people to take a look who want to ride in an urban area more comfortably, want to ride in winding road smoothly without a sense of fear, or want to challenge to ride in the flat forest road but not interested in a full-fledged off-road. Here are the three models: CRF250M, WR250X and XT250X!


HONDA CRF250M Good Stability Like a Road Model!

All-purpose machine that is possible to enjoy evenly from the town riding to touring, and run fast.

Engine Displacement: 249cc
Fuel Consumption: 44.3km/L (During 60km/h Driving)
Tank Capacity: 7.7L
Max Power: 23ps (17kw)/8500rpm
Seat Height: 850mm
Curb Weight: 145kg

YAMAHA WR250X This is it to enjoy the Motard seriously!

Riding with a sharp, you can find new fun. It is likely stand out the speed in the winding and mini circuit.

Engine Displacement: 249cc
Fuel Consumption: 34.0km/L (During 60km/h Driving)
Tank Capacity: 7.6L
Max Power: 31ps (23kw)/10000rpm
Seat Height: 870mm
Curb Weight: 134kg

YAMAHA XT250X The generous motorcycle that refuse no one!

It make enjoy from the beginner to the veteran by soft shock absorber & good foot grounding. It is strong and very attractive even in a bad weather.

Engine Displacement: 249cc
Fuel Consumption: 39.0km/L (During 60km/h Driving)
Tank Capacity: 9.6L
Max Power: 18ps (14kw)/7500rpm
Seat Height: 790mm
Curb Weight: 133kg

[Position] Model Height: 176cm/Model Height: 69kg

It is balanced seat and the handlebar. In addition, the thickness of the tank is moderate, and there is a sense of safety, such as the Naked Motorcycle. The rear seat that is flat and pillion riding is also ease likely than WR250X.


The balance of seat and the handlebar position is good, like CRF250M. Visibility is also good and there is no big problem. A large shroud firmly fit the knee, if you shift forward the seating position.

The feeling is like you are sitting in a chair because the seat is rather lower than the position of the tank. There is a sense of safety, and field of view spread naturally.

[Riding Experience] CRF250M

With sense of torque from the start, shift up → accelerator on → acceleration of the flow is very smooth. There was also a fact that the rainy weather, I performed early shift up, but there is no sense of insecurity in any gear, and I was obtained sense of power going ahead firmly. The engine revs to a high-rotation range without stress.


It would be gone with the “most nimble” in the 3-vehicle. It reacts linearly with respect to the throttle opening, and the feeling is good because it rapidly accelerated. It seems gear ratio is in short than WR250R of off-road. It is likely to enjoy immediately sports riding in a normal state.



Anything are balanced and smooth such as acceleration and deceleration, torque feeling and the shift feeling. The most betray of expectation in a good meaning was XT250X. 5-speed transmission has deep pockets, and I will choose this absolutely if riding to feel free and fun in the city.


[Handling] CRF250M

The rear suspension is soft, and the feeling of cornering while keeping the weight on the seat is like a road motorcycle. Braking on wet road surface also can have a peace of mind because the front suspension is softer compared the rear suspension.


If you do not do the braking with a sharp, the front suspension is difficult to sink. About the rear suspension, I want to put a firm load so as to press the tire. We want to be free of unreasonable when riding light people and in the rainy weather because the response of the engine is good. You’ll be trying to find the setting of preferences in conjunction with the spring rate because it is possible to adjust the damping pressure.

There is also the fact that both front and rear suspension are soft and foot grounding is also good. We were able to enjoy this riding test (rainy weather) with a peace of mind from enter to the exit corner. It is definitely easy motorcycle riding for the beginners. In the case of hard riding on the dry road, the suspension might be a little feel poor.

[Pushing the Vehicle/Foot Grounding] Rider Model Height: 176cm Model Height: 69kg

The vehicle weight is 145kg, it is the most heavy in the 3-vehicle. However, The body is a off-road motorcycle, it is easy to push because of the higher handlebar position compared to the naked and super sports model. The seat height that is 855mm is the middle of the 3-vehicle but there is no significant problem in the foot grounding.


The lightness of a pushing vehicle is almost the same with CRF250M. The standing up of WR250X from the state of using side stand is lighter than off-road WR250R because the wheel has a small diameter.
The foot grounding is the worst but it can work it out because of the front and rear 17-inches wheels.

You will want to challenge if easy forest road because it is lower seat height (790mm) and the lightness and the biggest handlebar swing angle in the 3-vehicle and you can put both feet until in the heel on the ground. It would also be possible to push the vehicle for petite people and women without problems.

[Meter Equipment] CRF250M

The meter enters the firm view by a wide surface. Each indicator lamp and the speed display is also larger. It was very easy to see. It has twin trip meters and the gasoline meter is also equipped. Position of the left handlebar switch was different with Yamaha vehicles.


It is a stylish and thin meter panel. The digital speedometer was able to look without a problem, but may be hard to read the clock until being used to it because it is displayed until a second unit. Twin Trip. It does not display the remaining amount of fuel but the fuel warning lamp is equipped.

Meter configuration is the instrument panel in right side, and indicator lamp in the left side. The meter panel is together in a compact compared to the other two. But the speed was displayed in a larger size, and able to read without a problem.

[Around the handlebar switch]

YZF-R25 (Left)
CRF250M (Left)
YZF-R25 (Right)
CRF250M (Right)
YZF-R25 (Left)
WR250X (Left)
YZF-R25 (Right)
WR250X (Right)
YZF-R25 (Left)
XT250X (Left)
YZF-R25 (Right)
XT250X (Right)


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