Ace cafe SBF (Stunt Bike Festival) Contest in England

  • 05/08/2016


In July , I visited to England for the Stunt Competition called SBF (Stunt Bike Festival). First I was heading to Calais with Julien from Lyon, crossing the Straits of Dover. On my way to Calais , We visited to Paris and stayed our friends GuyGuy’s house. I had small sightseeing at around Paris and went to Calais. Triumphal arch



With My Friends GuyGuy and Julien at the Sushi resutaurant.



Calais is here.



At the Calais , We went to England by train.



And surprisingly this train can load van directly.



After get off train , We ware heading to London. There is Stadium called Wembley. This Stadium is very famous known headquarters of England football team. When I came last year , It was rain and no crowd but there were a lot of people this year!!



I found leaking oil problem on my front fork during official practice. This problem was very serious because this was a sign of break inner tube. I had to save practice. Then I had a another big problem , because I had no practice on ZX-6R for a month because I had to ride BMW F800R for BMW 100 Anniversary party in Japan. This situation made me BMW feeling. So front brake , engine , bike weight … all feeling was different from ZX-6R. But I practiced only tricks without using front brake for change my feelings.



Qualification was 6th. 6th place is not bad. I could not make good stoppie tricks. But I made another tricks better than I thought. But I had some mistakes. Only 15 riders can go to Final.






One hand circle






Final result 4th place.



My run was better than qualification and no mistake. I could save my run, due to influence of this hard situation. My run is 120% all the time when competition , but I had to ride 80% this time. That’s why I could ride no mistake. But I was disappointed that I couldn’t get on podium place. I will do my next time!!



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