Daytona “Force Ray” LED Headlight Bulb Overview

  • 05/08/2016


Today, I’d like to introduce DAYTONA’s LED Headlight Bulb ”Force Ray”.

Recently, the demand of headlights are changing from HID to LED. There are many motorcycles today that are standardly equipped with LED headlights. This product is a H4 LED headlight bulb. It is a collaboration product between DAYTONA and BELLOF. BELLOF is a company that manufactures LED headlights for 4 wheel drives.




It’s very compact. The space behind the plate is only 45mm long. I think that is shorter than HID lights. The harness is connected to the side, not the back. So it will be easily installed to motorcycles that don’t have enough space in the headlight case. There is an aluminum heat sink on the back side which releases the heat. Compared to Halogen lights, LED lights often tend to have problems like limited luminance and poor scattered light beam. But the LED bulb of this ”Force Ray” is placed in the same position as Halogen bulbs and will offer stable light distribution.


Color temperature is 6500 kelvin and luminance is 2500 lumen. 2500 lumen luminance is reflected on the light case efficiently to offer light quantity that corresponds to the Japanese automobile safety inspection. You can install it to the small light case of the CB1300SF without process. Also the base and LED bulb can be removed to correspond to all types of headlight cases. Exclusive springs that are required when mounting the light are included in the set.



Luminous features

The low beam has to light up the front of the vehicle without scattering, and this one illuminates like Halogen bulbs. Due to the Japanese automobile safety inspection, the high beam light will illuminate wide and evenly. It is also considered to correspond to Optical axis adjustment. The product has high quality in detail which is a progeny achieved from the collaboration between DAYTONA and BELLOF. It’s a highly reliable Made in Japan product with dust-proof and water-proof functions and a one year guarantee.

I recommend this product to customers who are using HID lights or customers using LED lights of other companies and are not satisfied with what they have. Mounting is easy and all tools are included. It is slightly expensive but this LED light will no doubt offer you firm safety and security.


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