Off-road custom definitive edition of Theroux 250! Analysis of the machines that were manipulating the enduro rider Kenji Suzuki player!

  • 16/06/2016

Enduro race in Theroux 250 which has been subjected to custom for the off-road

May 22, 2016 (Sunday) to Kenji Suzuki players in the enduro race, which was held “JNCC third round Jonieru -G” in Jigadake ski resort in Nagano Prefecture, “FAN-A” class in Theroux 250 race was attention.


JNCC is divided into is set to gather enduro top rider “COMP” classes and beginners and trail for “FAN” class, and of children and off-road beginners “KIDS & TRY”.


A whopping 530 cars a total is in this third round of, gathered in the slopes of Jigadake that melting of the snow.


A former international A-class riders, enduro race top riders

Suzuki player is a former motocross international A-class rider, in recent years, also responsible for the development of motocross enduro model of Yamaha, also actively participated in the Enduro race. They have won the championship in the past “JNCC”.


Also active in the MTB competition, it is also the owner of MTB shop called “wide open” in the Shizuoka Prefecture.


Compete in the global race in a commercial trail “WR250R”! 4 place acquisition in the final cross

Suzuki players competing in the ISDE in WR250R in the past. The ISDE is an abbreviation of the International Six Day Enduro, the world’s largest enduro events that have been held since 1913. A country-specific tournament to fight in one team six.


Course in participation is commonplace in the vehicle for the race, competing in WR250R commercial trail model. 450cc machine has also paid the good results that the silver medal in to participate.

In the final cross on the last day, at a phenomenal catch-up despite a fall the way, a whopping fourth place finish. It attracted a great deal of attention at home and abroad.


Want to deliver a custom point such for Suzuki enduro that players were prepared “Selo 250”, because Webike editing unit at the scene has checked. The engine also said that is a normal, large remodeling is a vehicle that has not been.


Like Works machine!? Coloring “Yamaha Blue”

First to get to the eye, but graphics that were colored by Yamaha blue. This image of Selo is Lacey as “a jerk”. And it swing arm that surprisingly easy to scratch month. Here has also been tightly wrapped in decals, tire, which this time is attached “Dunlop GEOMAX AT-81” that contains the Dunlop logo in a way that combined with.


It should also be referred to sponsor logo, but because or put the brand logo that is actually mounted doing do this, but fun also for the general rider.


Use Waizugia the “power beam” to the frame reinforcement



The frame side, Yamaha Wise gear that people in the know “power beam” is attached. Originally is based on a “Performance Damper” which was developed for high-performance vehicles of the four wheels, for motorcycle, plays a role of suppressing the deformation and vibration of the frame during running.


Product also won the high evaluation in Webike shopping impressions. Items mainly to improve handling and ride comfort. The other engine parts aluminum parts of ZETA has been choice, has become the accent of chuff engine around. Frame guard Choice manufactured by ZETA in. Rear of the master cylinder also excellent one to guard. Under guard waizugia made ​​choice of aluminum. Still hit around the bottom when it comes to Enduro can not be avoided, the under-guard’s essential equipment.


Old man is Takeshi piste course, brake enhancement is required

equipment on the spot also guards along with the strengthening of the brake.


The brake, di crumb rotor of ZETA equipment both before and after the. Brake hose also from those of normal, has been replaced in products such as stainless steel mesh or Kevlar mesh used for the racer. Rear brake hose is a genuine. When considering off-road, because it can rear brake is delicately controlled, “swells” genuine brake hose is often used.


The exhaust, original brand of the cherry industry, which produces a large number of genuine muffler Yamaha motorcycle made “PRUNS” . Slip-on type, 1.7kg lightweight than the standard muffler 2.2kg. In particular, the weight of the muffler that is away from the body of the center is important.


Rear wheel but tubeless type, which is Selo 250 genuine, is choice now GEOMAX AT-81 because of the tube type, the tube appears to be braided into. The suspension has entered the hands of the “suspension technical shop Technics”, the rear suspension is from genuine, “TGR TEC-1.1 performance rear shock” has been changed to.Settings of the front suspension is hardening than genuine.


Handle around the change to the setting that is suitable for off-road


Hand guard also ZETA-made parts are mounted a large number, the guard of the aluminum frame type “ZETA armor hand guard Bend” the “ZETA hand guard mount side type” co-top clamp by tightening. “ZETA X2 Protector” stepping stone measures and it is thorough attached to the hand guard.


The top clamp is ZETA handlebar clamp kit wearing the”, set to increase the handle mounting position. This clamp kit is something good that can be changed to some height by replacing the parts. When the load can be when … off, and to replace the height. In that case, we want to note the length adjustment, such as the clutch cable.


Sheet Waizugia made ​​touring sheet high sheet of wearing. And the body of the position is optimized for off-road.


It consists of the usual parts that are generally commercially available, the engine normal. He has finished in the suspension only optimized “FAN” of Selo. Of course, as long as exchange tires on-road, I finish that it can be run without problems.


Mounting and such as “power beam”, such as the position adjustment in the clamp kit, a custom that can be variously introduced. On-road faction also off-road faction also by all means try to reference! ?


The bottom line of the results, there is trouble, such as parts falling off of the machine, in the FAN-A class became the 16th place, overall position 111 (in 328 units) and quite a tough fight pattern.

By all means I want you to play a revenge in the next round also Theroux!


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