At present the highly anticipated “adventure sports bikes” test ride report

  • 30/06/2016


In recent years, worldwide popular adventure sports bikes, both the main long-distance riding comfort can be a high-speed cruise performance, in the face of seemingly no way possible scene, the depth of which can be off-road performance when the mood, but also the heart is full of adventure trip car models.


The most recent adventure sports cars on the kind of the beginning of segmentation, such as a more authentic off-road performance bikes, such as CRF1000L Africa Twin, on the other hand, will develop “adventure sports bikes” focus on sportier performance gradually to receive much attention.


The following, from a few days ago by the European and American brands JAIA hosted catch test ride will introduce the current highly anticipated 3 “Adventure sports bikes.”


BMW S1000XR sports performance with overwhelming power and outstanding


First, last summer launched BMW “S1000 XR”, which is a combination of revolutionary technology S1000RR super sports bike, the car trip and performance in R1200GS series bred.


Equipped with no less than a high-performance four-cylinder engine S1000RR’s tough body, coupled with long travel suspension front and rear suspension system, S1000 XR become a high-speed cruise performance on the autobahn, but also can be quite high at the top road riding, with a double height speak excellent driving performance bikes.



In terms of design, S1000 XR addition to sharp tip lines, with excellent wind resistance on the outside of the gear goggles, and inherited the caudal modeling pulled from the S1000RR with dual headlights, combined with the S1000RR R1200GS both exterior design .



Which makes our eyes still lies S1000XR overwhelming force, equipped with the maximum output power of up to 160ps straight-4 engine, brought straight 4 engine that has the power, just like like a ride as S1000RR Superbike .


In addition, with the set riding mode, laden to the daily ride from manned to the enthusiasm of the sports tourism riding, can be adjusted immediately for a variety of conditions, with excellent practical performance.



S1000XR ride feels like to ride the S1000RR as high ground clearance, even if the rear seat passenger also has light handling, and low 790mm seat height is one of the charms of the characteristics S1000XR.



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DUCATI MULTISTRADA1200S can control the ultimate off-road vehicles universal


To incorporate four kinds of motorcycle performance in one of the “4 in 1” concept debut DUCATI “MULTISTRADA 1200” the biggest feature is that with a button can immediately turned into a “city ride,” “long journey”, ” high-performance sports motorcycle “,” Enduro motorcycles “four types of cars riding mode.



Introduced last year, the third generation of the latest electronic control suspension shock absorber system – “Skyhook” re-evolution, with the variable valve timing system “Testastretta DVT engine” of the torque at low speeds and more powerful, make everyday riding more convenient.



Plus the width of the crunch, can be lowered to 800mm height adjustable seat, so many knights can easily manage, this can also be said of attraction MULTISTRADA 1200, an increase of 40 degrees to one side Cutaway handle (in the past only up to 38 degree), the new design in the narrow alley can easily swing, but also very happy new adjustment.



MULTISTRADA riding off-road performance of 1200 in the face of generally difficult street ride muddy forest road, can sprint at full throttle, with even the body can feel at ease down the Bosch & Brembo brake system curve ABS (Cornering ABS ), even more so MULTISTRADA 1200 feel more reliable.


Plus thick rear seat and rear armrests with double riding equipment, MULTISTRADA 1200 seems like a super all-round motorcycle.



APRILIA CAPONORD 1200 TRAVEL PACK can be long-distance riding comfort strongest pair of carrier vehicles


2014 debut, APRILIA debuted authentic adventure sports bikes “CAPONORD 1200”, the use of at WGP, the World Superbike Championship (Superbike World Championship), the world’s top race bred technology,


Developed CAPONORD 1200 the high-tech cars, equipped displacement 1,197cc V-twin-cylinder engine, the maximum horsepower output up to 125ps, with the excellent stiffness are steel trellis frame motorcycle platform, bringing a sense of calm ride, also CAPONORD one charm 1200.




CAPONORD 1200 fully equipped with electronic control systems, including no less than the electronic throttle (Ride-by-Wire) RSV4 brought the engine performance curve (Engine Map), ATC (Aprilia Traction Control, TRAC system), ADD (Aprilia Dynamic Damping, semi-active suspension system), as well as cruise control system, as all basic equipment.


Which can be measured accurately sense the road with the Knights control information, instant suspension front and rear suspension system automatically adjusts the damping force of the semi-active suspension system, bringing peace of mind comfortable ride, but worth mentioning.




Through this test ride three bikes found CAPONORD 1200 is one of the most nature of the trip, and off-road performance is a research and development to focus on bikes, just as CAPONORD 1200 cars in the name of “TRAVEL PACK” the contains the same meaning, which is a box in the saddle bags can be filled, can also enjoy a trip for two to fully turn out high-speed long-distance travel fun motorcycles.


The test ride three bikes each one is unique charm of vehicles, it is recommended with “adventure sports bikes” instead of conventional synthetic adventure bikes perspective on these 3 bikes, and then choose their own use test ride.


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