Suspension setting is important procedure!

  • 05/04/2016

Suspension setting is important procedure! - 321


The second time of the column posts, bike in the “suspension setting of the last time change!”To continue (by all means If you have not yet read from here ), we will explain what should be adjusted specifically from anywhere.

As well as the cuisine of the procedure, the procedure is also in suspension Settings

Although the previous suspension Settings wrote that is very similar to that of cooking, so that there is a step for the cuisine, Sasusettigu also undertake steps are very important.

Is many people do not know this procedure, it appeared to have started in the feeling try anyway turning the adjusting points in front of the eye.

For example, something is often twin shock to the naked bike, it would be many people try to turn the compression side damping adjust the (Comp) first on the grounds that the dial is easy to turn. In the case of single shock is attached to the place that stood out the reservoir tank, which also is often dial is easy to adjust the case.

And, although the change of the compression side damping (Comp) is more or less feel, to not be determined whether or worse or got better, and that pattern you have seen a lot of suffering to the “suspension setting = well do not know”.

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Suspension setting is important procedure! - 321


The procedure of suspension settings that I think, compression damping adjustment (Comp) is regarded as a kind of seasoning the last to add. So is the extent to which of course all of the procedure is to adjust to after the last that went well.

So, compression damping adjustment (Comp) is pepper the place referred to in the ramen, of the place referred to in Udon Shichimi, is like a wasabi place referred to in the sushi. Insipid If no, in the sense that the original taste of food and too put there will be elements not know would say “compression damping adjustment (Comp) = a kind of seasoning.”

Impact on the bike to proceed to the “large order”

In the steps to undertake Sasusettigu of the main topic, but we are in the following order in G sense. At the same time as with the order of this procedure as expected, there is also in the order influential to the bike.

  1. body attitude

to change the height and angle of attaching the suspension to … Lord, put the change of the body posture.

  1. spring rate

to change the repulsive force of the spring with the … spring itself. In many cases replacing the spring itself.

  1. preload (initial)

to change the load rests on the … spring. Screw type adjusting mechanism is present in the front and rear both cases the genuine may not exist adjusted.

  1. Rebound damping (Reb · rebound)

the characteristics of the damper mechanism that comes in … suspension, change the adjustment mechanism and the oil viscosity, against the force of the spring to be Nobiyo, adjust the degree of effectiveness of the damper to.

  1. compression damping (Comp · compression)

the characteristics of the … are equipped to suspension damper mechanism, to change the adjustment mechanism and the oil viscosity, against the force to be to shrink, to adjust the degree of effectiveness of the damper.

However, in terms of starting a general suspension setting, I think suddenly it has a fairly high hurdle to review the body attitude and spring rate.

In making noodles, or a, hit from noodles, is the act that is comparable to take from soup stock.It is a good idea to do it all means yourself If you want to challenge yourself, but those who do not self-confidence is recommended that you try to listen Nari left to the professional.

Suspension setting is important procedure! - 322


Let’s start from the preload adjustment!

Anyone’s can is from the third pre-load of the (initial). It is what is attached to most of the outside suspension, is only in the rear suspension but also with the adjustment mechanism in the most genuine suspension.

Weaken the preload when it was to feel stiff at present, and so, such as strengthening when it was to feel too movement, let’s try to think simple.

How to ride their own, only it is possible to find the preload to suit the body type, bike change in the “suspension setting! “You should be able to experience!


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