Movies you either know Kawasaki H2R is how to made to

  • 12/02/2016

Movies you either know Kawasaki H2R is how to made to - 20151221 ninjah2r



Adopted a supercharger, Kawasaki Ninja H2R that as “Mega Sports” is epithet is, to introduce How the video image to be glimpse of whether it is manufactured in.

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers and highly mechanized production line, by the mass production system, has been said that quality is producing a lot of high low-cost motorcycle.

If you look at the video H2R is a manufacturing process that has been mechanized, hand by craftsmen you can see that it’s the machine that fused.

Video has been produced towards the Milan show of 2014, it has been divided into several short movies.

In particular frame welding in robot arm a masterpiece! Please experience the field of manufacturing all means!


Ninja H2R – Official Video

Movie that can feel the Ninja or H2R of is a bike of any design.


Ninja H2R – Robot Arms

by a robot arm that Kawasaki Heavy Industries is proud of, like the frame and swing arm is going to be welded is a masterpiece.


Ninja H2R – Precision Welding

We’ll finish what has been welded by the robot arm at the hands of a craftsman.


Ninja H2R – Beauty in High Precision

The turbine part that becomes the “liver” of supercharger I am creating by cutting.


Ninja H2R – Cylinder Honing

The cylinder sharpener to an accuracy that is set in the honing machine, we will carve a beautiful cross line.


Ninja H2R – Silver-Mirror Paint

H2R distinctive silver mirror paint also have been made ​​by hand.



Ninja H2R – Handcrafted

Final assembly also manual is basic.

Information sources [  KawasakiUSA  ]


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