Machine Bent Cyclone Exhaust for GSX-R1100/R750 from YOSHIMURA

  • 09/05/2016

YOSHIMURA is a company well known for manufacturing, producing and distributing motorcycle parts. At the end of May 2016, they are scheduled to release cyclone exhausts for GSX-R1100/R750.

The exhaust are certificated by JMCA and resemble the cyclone exhausts that were manufactured for the first GSX-R1100/750. Exhausts can be chosen from SS (Stainless Steel Cover), ST (Titanium Cover), STB (Titanium Blue Cover) and SC (Carbon Cover).

GSX-R1100 (86-88), GSX-R750 (85-87) Machine Bent Cyclone





  • The exhausts are certified by JMCA and resemble the cyclone exhaust that was manufactured for the first GSX-R1100/750.
  • Endurance has been improved using stainless steel exhaust pipe.
  • Maintaining the style of GSX−R1100/750 oil cooling engines, sound and performance has been improved with obsess. It will offer bass sound at low rpm and powerfull sound at rpm that are sufficient for large models.
  • There is no rapid power decline after it reaches peak and offers racing effects.
  • The angle of the silencer has also been improved to commit to quality and includes an aluminum silencer bracket (with tandem steps). Single riding silencer bracket is available optionally.
  • Weight is approximately 44% lighter compared to standard GSX-R1100 and 23% lighter compared to standard GSX-R750. (Carbon Cover)

*When mounting to GSX-R1100 G to J, cowl bracket inside the undercowl is required to be removed.

*When mounting to GSX-R750 F to H, under cowl is required to be cut.

  • Certified by JMCA
  • Two Year Guarantee

Model Name

GU74A:GSX-R1100G to J(1986-1988)

GR71F/G/H:GSX-R750F to H(1985-1987)

Engine Model

U703:GSX-R1100G to J(1986-1988)

R705:GSX-R750F to H (1985-1987)

Automobile Exhaust Gas Test Results


Main material

Stainless Steel

Proximity Exhaust Sound

97dB/4,750rpm:GSX-R1100G to J(1986-1988)

97dB/4,750rpm:GSX-R750F to H(1985-1987)

Retail Price

  • SS (Stainless Steel Cover)118,000YEN (Base Price)
  • ST (Titanium Cover)133,000YEN (Base Price)
  • STB (Titanium Blue Cover) 138,000YEN (Base Price)
  • SC (Carbon Cover) 148,000YEN (Base Price)

Release Date

Scheduled Date: End of May, 2016

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