SP Tadao Power Box for YAMAHA YZF-R25 Overview

  • 18/10/2016

SP Tadao Power Box for YAMAHA YZF-R25 Overview - sp tadao featured

[ Kenny Sagawa, Webike Channel Navigator ]

Today I’d like to introduce you SP Tadao’s Power Box.

What is the “Power Box”?

The name “Power Box” comes from this cylinder behind silencer.
It works as an expansion chamber. This “Power Box” validates muffling, efficient engine breathing, or elongation effect of exhaust pipes, that short pipes cannot do. It can secure enough capacity even though it is a short pipe.
Also, it will not ruin its design for it becomes almost invisible once it is installed. It raises the power of the short pipe, even though it may not reach the level of a full exhaust pipe.

Weight & Design

It’s made of ultra-light stainless steel. It looks really luxurious, and it’s also sturdy and light. Stock exhaust weighs 2.8kg. And this “Power Box” exhaust weighs almost half as much as the standard one.
It is sliced and carefully welded together to create the powerful megaphone style. It gives the owner the sense of ownership.

Riding Impression & Sound

The torque of the stock exhaust becomes weak around 6000rpm. But this exhaust has fixed that problem and generates torque at low to mid rpm. The power rouses from around 35000rpm. The torque that roused from 3500rpm becomes flat at 6000rpm, and then further revs up from 9000rpm.

It is a powerful and wild sound that can be presumed by its megaphone style appearance. Its powerful and wild sound is really appealing.

The installation is very easy. Just a 30-minute task.
It is JMCA certified.
This is an exhaust that can be used in many ride scenes, such as street ride or touring.

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SP Tadao Power Box for YAMAHA YZF-R25 Overview - yz2 pb 01 thumb
SP Tadao
Power Box


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