Vietnam Trip for Stunt fest in Mar 2016.

  • 19/04/2016


Hi everyone I’m Hiroyuki Ogawa , Japanese stunt rider and everyone calls me “OGA”.

I will write a diary about my stunt riding activities sometimes. So , My first post is about my trip when I went to Vietnam for the stunt show in March. This time , organiser invited Rafal from Poland, Aaron Twite from USA and me from Japan for the Stunt festival in Hanoi , the capital of Vietnam. This member was completely same team when I went to USA for the Stunt riding Championship called XDL in 2012. So , this trip was so special for me.

This picture is when we went to center of Hanoi for the sightseeing.

Before the show , We had a press canfalence for the Vietnam Media. There were many media came such as TV camera , Magazine and Internet news site. But this kind of work is very difficult work for me because I’m not good at English. Honestly , interview in English is harder than stunt riding for me. Haha.

These are show’s pictures. Surface of event square was very bad condition because of those were not asphalt , just like bricks. That’s why surface was very sulippy and espcialy for the stoppie tricks. And problem was that stoppie is the one of my favorite trick. I lost a lot of favorite tricks.

Switch back Christ.

Fast wide circle.

Flaming style stoppie.

There were a lot of audiences, they made a lot of noise during show and show was successful , we could make them so happy and excited. And they also made us happy, too.

After the show , We had a meet and greet with fans. A lot of people visited us and shook hands, take pictures and wrote autograph for them.

This trip was special because when I went to USA for the first time , I couldn’t speek English at all. But this time , my English is better than last time , so I made a lot of conversation with Aaron and Rafal. So this trip became just trip with friends!! This is unforgettable memory.


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