Ducati Meccano Monster 1200S – for the kid in all of us

  • 15/03/2016


If you happen to have a six-year old in the house, or you feel like a six-year old yourself, Ducati has something that will keep you occupied for a couple of hours. In collaboration with Spin Master, owners of the renowned Meccano brand of mechanical assembly toys, Ducati has launched a build-it-yourself version of the Monster 1200S.

Comprising of more than 290 parts, the Monster 1200S model comes with a coil spring suspension, multi-piece wheels and a movable steering column.

There is even a little flip-down sidestand. While some might say the model isn’t particularly accurate, Meccano has always been more about the practical application of the imagination, rather than dimensional accuracy.

It is reported the Ducati Meccano Monster 1200S model has a retail price of 25 pounds sterling (RM146). The real Ducati Monster 1200S, with its 1,198 cc V-twin Testastretta engine, puts out 145 hp and 124.5 Nm of torque. The base Ducati Monster 1200 retails for RM120,999 in Malaysia, while the Monster R goes for RM136,999.

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