Review on Yamaha YPJ-R; excited about unexpected design and performance to electric bikes!

  • 26/05/2016


Like last year’s E-Vino, Yamaha stepped early into the commercialization of electric bikes and has delivered various products. Now, electric bikes are very popular among mothers who carry their children with bikes. Yamaha delivered, first in the world, PAS series which triggered the spread of electric bikes.

Electric bike “YPJ-R” in new image

Electric bikes have been long believed as bikes for mothers. It can be said that this is another movement completely opposite to the explosive spread of road sport bikes.
We took a test ride of electric bike “YPJ-R” this time. It is a road sport model and stands on the other end of a bike for mothers.

From help for less efforts to assistance for pleasure

The power unit is developed exclusively for this road sport model through trial and error processes such as assist programs and new tests that are different from the past. After a great deal of trials and errors to drive the small motor efficiently, the very small battery (450 g) has become so convenient that it can be fully charged in only one hour.

The power unit is developed exclusively for YPJ-R.
The very small battery. The carbon pattern gives a special feeling.

The chassis is made of aluminum. The forged parts used for drive unit installation are strong and light in weight. Some frames are formed using hydro forming and they create perfect curved surfaces and beautiful appearance.

The unique line is created with water pressure.
Yamaha’s tuning-fork logo is on the head.

Test ride review

A lot of information is on the meter. A USB port enables electricity supply to external devices like a smartphone.

Smooth acceleration comes first as soon as you start riding electric bike YPJ-R. YPJ-R speeds up smoothly until 24 km/h, the speed limit of the electric assisting function. When existing electric bikes turn off the electric assisting functions, you may feel that heavy weight. But, you almost don’t feel it in YPJ-R. You can ride like other ordinary road sport bikes.
Of course, when it comes to an uphill slope, you just remain seated and ride uphil without any special efforts. It must be fun to ride long by bicycle if this lightness is with us.

Getting a briefing on YPR-J. The body is in 15 kg range and lightweight for an electric bike.
The chief editor is passing with a brisk speed.

Yamaha definitely places this YPJ-R on a sport bike category to enjoy cruising, not on a bike for sport. It is trying to create a new category of “electric bikes to enjoy more.”

YPJ-R will be a perfect one for those who have hesitated to ride road bikes because of their physical strength or who want to commute by bicycle.
To those who usually ride motorcycles and are anxious about their physical strength that continues decreasing due to insufficient exercise, we would recommend “YPJ-R.” YPJ-R is a very attractive new vehicle that inspires you to want to commute by bicycle.


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