Camshafts are Important Engine Tuning Parts and We can not Talk Our History without them.

  • 03/07/2019

[Product information]

The ZRX1100 / ZZ-R1100 / ZX-10 Camshaft, which has received many requests for resale from everyone since the end of sales, has reappeared with the cutting process.
The product that has appeared this time uses a material (a type of ductile cast iron) that has been made with quality control at Yoshimura Japan in order to use the most suitable material for manufacturing a camshaft.
Furthermore, the laser hardening which is most suitable for the material was given. With new material and laser hardening, please experience a camshaft made of high hardness, low distortion and high lubricity based on high precision and high durability.

* The profile is the same as ST-1 which was sold before.

Type ST-1M
MAX LIFT(mm) IN 10.0mm/EX 9.5mm
1mm DURATION(°) IN 245°/EX 242°
Standard Tappet Clearance (mm) IN 0.15mm/EX 0.2mm

There are still many items in our lineup and they are machined daily at the Yoshimura factory even these days.

Original Source[ YOSHIMURA JAPAN FACEBOOK ] (*Japanese)

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