Yamaha “YZF-R1” Starting production of race based motocycle circuit running 2017 model

  • 23/12/2016
R1 Race Version

2017 YZF-R1 race-based motorcycle, ordered production only appeared!

Yamaha Motor announced that it will set up a race-based motorcycle for the 2017 season for the road racing competition and circuit-driven exclusive model “YZF-R1”, and will make to order production from April 25, 2017.


Based on the 2017 model super sports “YZF – R1”, the “YZF – R1” race based motorcycle is a model that takes care of racing and other circuit applications. By order-made production with a limited time reservation from December 19, 2016 to January 31, 2017, the reservation window will be “Yamaha on-road competition model authorized dealer” nationwide.

Color ring is “Black Metallic X”, manufacturer’s suggested retail price is 2,052,000 yen (tax included).

“YZF-R1” race-based car

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 2,052,000 yen
(base price of 1,900,000 yen / consumption tax 152,000 yen) 

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160627_74 160627_65

Vehicle information

■ name
“YZF-R1” race-based car
Black Metallic X (Black)

■ Release Date
2017 April 25,

■ Manufacturer’s suggested retail price
2,052,000 yen (base price of 1,900,000 yen / consumption tax 152,000 yen)

■ sales plan
sell the reservation orders worth in order period

Information provider [ Yamaha]



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