The YAMAHA VOX XF50D 2016 Year Model in New Colors

  • 07/03/2016


YAMAHA will be releasing the new VOX XF50D on 15th February, 2016 with deluxe specifications and new colors. The scooter is well known for its large luggage capacity and unique design.

VOX XF50D 2016 Year Model. Offering High Storability, Unique Style in Awesome New Colors.

The new 2016 Year Model has improved its engine performance (power, torque) by refreshing the exhaust system and also has increased fuel efficiency by installing new ECU, O2 Feed back Control and replacement of FI system.

New colors are ”Bluish White Cocktail 1” (White) a combination of red and black and ”Dark Grayish Blue Metallic A” (Blue) mounted with white fork cover. ”Black Metallic X” (Black) has silver used on the rear cowl and fork cover to give it luxury. ”Dark Yellowish Gray Metallic 1” (Bronze) will be manufactured continuously.

The vehicle is manufactured at YAMAHA MOTOR TAIWAN.

Model:VOX XF50D


Bluish White Cocktail 1 (New Color/White)

Dark Grayish Blue Metallic A (New Color/Blue)

Dark Yellowish Gray Metallic 1(Bronze)

Black Metallic X (Black)

Release Date:15th February 2016

Price:215,000YEN (tax excluded)

Sales Plan:3,000 vehicles(Annually/In Japan)

VOX XF50D Bluish White Cocktail 1

VOX XF50D Dark Grayish Blue Metallic A

VOX XF50D Dark Yellowish Gray Metallic 1

VOX XF50D Black Metallic X

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