Yamaha MT-25 Tracer … Concept Motorcycle 250cc Adventure From Yamaha


Yamaha has Adventurenya sports variant called Yamaha Tenere, but lately there are also other variants styled explorer named Yamaha Tracer series. There are two models Any new audiences, among others, the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer and which yesterday released the Yamaha Tracer 700 , Tracer second well is actually having the basic motors MT-Series yaknia Yamaha MT-09 and MT-07 are diversified into a variant of adventure …


Now what if the mid-level variant of the MT-series Yamaha MT-25, we have created a concept into adventure sport touring ??? It could be renamed the Yamaha 250cc Tracer yes viewers ??


Whew … The image above is actually just a concept visualized by one reader from Purwokerto warungasep namely Mas Yoga Dut. He tried to make the concept of the Yamaha MT-25 style ala Tracer Tracer 700 and the results, wow .. quite interesting as well and could also inspire the modification Yamaha MT-25 audience ..


Oh yes, Mas Yoga also makes the Tracer 250 concept exists with tandem seat option audience, and seems to look more proportional than the original hehe yes, cekidot:


And if only Yamaha MT250 / Tracer 250cc made ​​the original version, wuih will be more crowded ya segment 250cc motorcycle adventure later if there is, as previously heard if Kawasaki will produce Adventure version of the engine Ninja 250cc that Kawasaki Versys 250 , also Suzuki V-strom 250 berbasik last Inazuma and I with no gossip Honda will also follow the stream by making Honda CB250X her …


So who make the first explorers 250cc adventure sport touring viewers ya ??? We will see later..


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