Selection Yamaha, to the “MT-07” is “JIDA Design Museum Selection”

  • 08/02/2016


Large two-wheeled Yamaha Motor “MT-07” has been selected as the “JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.17” in the Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Industrial Designers Association.

Last year’s New Standard city commuter “TRICITY (Tri-Cities) MW125” a continuation to the electric assist wheelchair, “JW Swing”, became the selection of two consecutive years.

“MT-07” is selected for evaluation sculptural design with intonation feeling “JIDA Design Museum Selection”

“MT-07” is January 14 from (Thursday) to 18 (Monday), on display at the exhibition to be held in Tokyo, Minato-ku, AXIS Gallery, is planned for 15 days (gold) awards ceremony is performed It is.

“JIDA Design Museum Selection” is the theme of “Towards a beautifully rich life”, along with the industrial design is to select and award the high quality products that contribute to society, to the next generation to collect and store the product reportedly, it is intended to be making a cultural contribution to education, industry and life.

“MT-07” is “Sports Passion & smart” the concept, fashionable style, motorcycle in harmony the cost performance that shine in the fun and in the city of running. The powerful while tractable engine is mounted in daily range, such as “lightweight, slim and compact” and stylish excellent operability and ownership feeling caused by the vehicle body is characterized.

[JIDA Design Museum Selection Reason for selection]

organic and sculptural design with intonation sense, you feel the fresh appeal as a sport bike.Price, performance, ease of handling, styling, are balance is characterized by a high level of environmental adaptation, we appreciate these points.

[Our JIDA Design Museum Selection selection performance]


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