Yamaha MioZ Cheap Scooter for Men

  • 04/04/2016


Yamaha Mio Z newly introduced Japanese carmakers with 2 colors masculine, sporty design the customer is directed to the young men. In less than a year and a half since 2014, Yamaha Indonesia has equipped Blue Core engine technologies for new products such as the Mio M3 Nmax shall, Soul GT, Fino 125 or more recently Mio Z. Currently, the technology product line carries the engine on Indonesian consumers are being favored. Yamaha also confident will attract more customers using Blue Core technology and some minor differences compared to the Mio M3 brother. Regarding design, the car is not much difference when compared to the Mio M3 brother.


Sporty, masculine continue to be shown in front overalls with deep groove, the more aerodynamic car side in both. Yamaha Mio Z that will focus more on the younger male customers prefer a dynamic design means sports. About the power, the car still uses single cylinder engine with Blue Core technology supporting electronic fuel injection with a capacity of 125 cc capacity of 9.3 kW at 8,000 rpm rev / min, torque 9, 6 Nm at 5,500 rev / min. Fuel tank with a capacity of 4.2 liter car, 94 kilograms of dry weight.


The remaining parameters are similar to the Mio M3 with 1,870 mm in length, 685 mm wide, 1035 mm high with a seat height of 750 mm, 750 mm ground clearance. The car uses 14 inch rims with tire combination before 80/80, 10/70 tires after the front brake, rear drum. RP priced 15.1 million vehicles in Indonesia equivalents $ 1,135.


Information Sources: Webike Vietnam $ xe365


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