Yamaha Introduces New Scooter, JANUS in Vietnam. -Featuring YMC’s First “Stop & Start System”-

  • 22/08/2016

Glossy Porcelain Looking Body with “BLUE CORE” Engine

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd has announced that the new Janus 125cc scooters aiming at female riders will be released in Vietnam in mid-August.


It features “BLUE CORE” engine which offers both fuel efficiency and environmental performance at the same time in a light-weighted glossy porcelain looking body. This is the third model with “BLUE CORE” engine released in Vietnam followed by Nozza Grande(released in 2014) and ACRUZO(released in 2015).


Janus is a scooter developed targeting at females in their 20s riders under the concept of Basic Scooter with PRide*1. It is set at the volume price zone, and available in 5 colors; white, black, blue, candy red, and milky white. MSRP of the standard model, Janus STD is 27,490,000 VND



Candy Red
Milky White

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Featuring YMC’s First “Stop & Start System”

Aside from the standard model of Janus STD, Janus Deluxe and Janus Premium offer a fuel saving function, Stop&Start System*2 which automatically turns off the engine when the scooter is temporary stopped at a traffic light, etc. Janus Premium also features Smart Key as a standard equipment.


*1 PRide: a coined word mixed with “Pride” and “Ride”.
*2 Stop&Start System : It turns off the engine automatically to save fuel when stopped temporary at a traffic light, etc.

Janus 2016

Main Features

(1)14 inch wheels for rear/front. They reflect the image of an authentic scooter style with high wheels
(2)”BLUE CORE “engine achieves a great acceleration and fuel efficiency.
(3) Body is easy to handle (97kg STD. spec.) with newly engineered light weighted frames.
(4) 14L storage space underneath the seat can hold 2 half helmets and a rain wear.

Product Name /Release Date/MSRP(manufacturer’s suggested retail price)
•Janus STD / Mid-August 2016 / 27,490,000 VND
•Janus Deluxe / November 2016 (scheduled) / To be determined
•Janus Premium / November 2016 (scheduled) / To be determined

Sales Plan
100,000 units (first full year in Vietnam)

The demand for motorcycles in Vietnam is approximately 2.85 million units in 2015 (based on a survey of Yamaha Motor), and the survey shows that approximately 40% of those are scooters.

The Janus is Yamaha Motor’s first model to be released in the volume-priced category followed by Nozza Grande (premium-priced), and ACRUZO (medium-priced).

Yamaha Motor aims to increase its sales in the Vietnamese market by providing a broad product lineup in each category and a wide price range from volume to high. These motorcycles will be manufactured by YMC’s group company in Vietnam, Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. (YMVN).


Original Source [ Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd ] (*Japanese)



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