Two teams of Yamaha factory entry in Suzuka 8 Hours aiming for 3 consecutive victories

  • 08/06/2017


They will aim for 3 consecutive victories using “YZF-R1” developed for Suzuka 8 Hours

Yamaha Motor announced to enter the 40th ‘Coca-Cola’ Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race to be held from 27th to 30th July 2017. With the slogan “The true value of blue.”, the two teams of the factory system “YAMAHA FACTORY RACING TEAM” and “YART Yamaha Official EWC Team” will participate and aim for the 3rd consecutive title and 7th win.


“YAMAHA FACTORY RACING TEAM” will participate with Katsuyuki Nakasuga who achieved 2 consecutive victories in 2016 Suzuka 8 hours endurance race and 5 consecutive victories in JSB 1000 that is the greatest class in All Japan Road Race Championship and Alex Lowes and Michael van der Mark, both of whom are participating in the World SBK World Championship from “Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team” and have an experience to win in Suzuka 8 hours endurance race withstanding victory. The manager will be directed by Wataru Yoshikawa, who is a directing the factory team of all Japan.


Meanwhile, “YART Yamaha Official EWC Team” which has a regular participation in the 2016-2017 FIM World Endurance Championship (EWC), finishes 3 races and ranks fourth in standings, aiming for a series champion. Broc Parkes, Marvin Fritz and Kota Nozane who is regular rider of the team and belong to the factory team of the All Japan Championship, will join.


The machine that will be used is the factory-specification YZF-R1 developed specifically for the 8 Hours and installed with Bridgestone tyres with proven performance from results in previous 8 Hours race, the All Japan Road Race Championship and the EWC.


In addition to the 2 factory team, the regular team of EWC “GMT 94 Yamaha Official EWC Team”, which won the Le Mans 24 hours endurance race in this year and the 2nd winning streak with the Oschersleben 8 hour endurance race and is 2nd standing of EWC, also will participate in Suzuka 8 hours endurance race.



YAMAHA Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race Logo

With the motif of the front cowl of YZF-R1, Yamaha Factory team expressed his stance towards winning 3 consecutive victories.They use it for various tools as icons symbolizing our Suzuka 8 Hours activities.



Katsuyuki Nakasuga


“For the previous two Suzuka 8 Hours, I’ve been blessed with great teammates and the whole team really worked together. That helped us take two consecutive wins and I’m really excited to be able to go for an incredible third-straight victory. This year, both of my teammates are Suzuka winners and both the YZF-R1 and the team have grown and improved since 2015, so we’re in the best shape possible. Our rivals this year will be racing with all-new bikes so I’m sure they’ll be stronger than before, but as Yamaha’s factory team, we’ll be out to win. With the cheers of Yamaha’s fans and the support of our sponsors and suppliers, it will again be a fully united effort to aim for that third win this year.”


Hometown: Fukuoka Prefecture
Birth date: August 9, 1981


Main Results
2014: All Japan Road Race JSB1000 Champion
2015:All Japan Road Race JSB1000 Champion
2016: All Japan Road Race JSB1000 Champion
2017: All Japan Road Race JSB1000


Suzuka 8 Hours
2014: 4th place
2015: Victory
2016: Victory
2017: 10th time


Alex Lowes


“I’m really looking forward to Suzuka; obviously it was a fantastic event last year. It’s always a really big pleasure and an honour to be asked by Yamaha to represent them at the Suzuka 8 Hours so I’m really looking forward to this incredible race again. There will be one different teammate this year with Michael but I get on well with him in the World World SBK team. I can’t wait to start the first test!”


Nationality: UK
Birth date: September 14, 1990


Main Results
2014: World SBK Standings No. 11
2015: World SBK Standings No. 10
2016: World SBK Standings No. 12
2017: World SBK Standings 5th (at the end of Round 5)


Suzuka 8 Hours
2015: 5th place
2016: Victory
2017: Third time


Michael van der Mark


“I’m really looking forward to racing at the Suzuka 8 Hours again. I’ve been racing there for four years now and won two times, so it will be a really special event for me to come back and do it with Yamaha. It’s also the 40th anniversary of the race and Yamaha has won there for the last two years so it’s going to be really good and I hope we can take the victory with Nakasuga-san and Alex. We have a really strong team so I’m going to give everything I’ve got to try and win again and make it really special for Yamaha and for all the fans. It’s one of the most important races of the year for Yamaha and all the Japanese manufacturers so I’m really looking forward to it and hoping we can make a good race with the best possible result.”


Nationality: Netherlands
Birth date: October 26, 1992


Main Results
2014: Super sports champion
2015: World SBK Standings 7th
2016: World SBK Standings 4th
2017: World SBK Standings 7th (at the end of Round 5)


Suzuka 8 Hours
2014: Victory
2015: DNF
2016: DNF
2017: Fifth time



YART Yamaha Official EWC Team

Broc Parkes


“First of all I would just like to say a big thanks to Yamaha for giving me the opportunity to do Suzuka. I’m really excited and believe that we can be really strong as a team with Bridgestone tyres. I can’t wait to start testing.”


Nationality: Australia
Birth date: 24th December 1981


Main Results
2014: MotoGP Standing number 23
2015: 10th in the World Endurance Championship Standings
2016: 4th in World Endurance Championship Standings
2017: 4th in World Endurance Championship Standings (at the end of the third round)


Suzuka 8 Hours
2014: 4th place
2015: DNF
2016: 4th place
2017: Fifth time


Marvin Fritz


“It’s like a dream for me to ride the Suzuka 8 Hours this year! When I was younger I always wanted to ride for YART, and Suzuka is one of the most special races. I’m really happy to ride for an amazing team like YART and with teammates like Kohta and Broc. My teammates know the track really well. For me it will be the first time at Suzuka but I’m sure with the tests before the race, we can reach a really good result. Last year the team got a really good 4th place and this year with Bridgestone tyres, our goal is the podium. A big thanks to Mandy Kainz and Yamaha for giving me this opportunity. I can’t wait!”


Nationality: Germany
Birth date: April 10, 1993


Main Results
2014: IDM Super Sports 600 Champion
2015: IDM Super Stock 1000 Standings 4th
2016: IDM World SBK Champion
2017: 4th in World Endurance Championship Standings (at the end of the third round)


Suzuka 8 Hours
2017: First appearance


Kohta Nozane


“This year I’m riding for the factory Yamaha team in the All Japan Championship and also riding full-time in the EWC. I’ll be joining the YART team again for the Suzuka 8 Hours. Broc is a really tough and fast rider, and Marvin is really close to my age so we have something of a mutual rivalry; I’m lucky to be in such a stimulating team environment. We had to retire from the first round of the season at Bol d’Or, and from this point we know it’s very hard to win the title with a comeback, but nobody on our team is giving up. Our goal is to win the 8 Hours or at the very least stand on the podium. I’m aware of my personal shortcomings in endurance racing, so I plan to overcome them as we put forth a team effort, and aim for a come-from-behind championship victory this season.”


Hometown: Chiba
Birth Date: November 28, 1994


Main Results
2014:8th All Japan Road Race JSB1000 Standings
2015: 7th in Japan JSB 1000 Standings
2016: 5th in Japan JSB 1000 Standings
2017: 12th overall All Japan Road Race JSB1000 Standings (at the end of the third round)
World Standings championship Standings fourth place (at the end of the third round)


Suzuka 8 Hours
2016: 4th place
2017: Second time


YART Yamaha Official EWC Team Sponsors List


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