Yamaha appealing revealed two concept cars new generation 3 wheels

  • 24/03/2016

Heating technology world Yamaha motorcycle with two concept cars 03Gen 03Gen F and X. This is the third two-wheel vehicles are yamaha research and will give the template the next time.

03Gen X concept with design style Scrambler, but are accenting with modern equipment.

More than a year ago, Yamaha began commercializing products scooter his tricycle in the European market – a market that’s growing urban vehicles environmentally friendly, although operational structure of the vehicle this remains controversial.

The design of the F 03Gen purely surrealist spirit, focusing on the slim lines and mass properties array stylized, dramatic first sight.

Now, the design of such trade has been raised to a new height with the arrival of the two concept models (concept) is 03Gen F and 03Gen 03Gen X. Both models scooter this car, of course, are owned 3-wheel operating structure with two independent front-wheel drive and a rear drive wheels.

Lines and stylish design of 03Gen X key is spirit classic Scrambler bass tones While 03Gen F focus on striking design, sports, super-inspired idea of ​​a future model, the X 03Gen owns simple design, with a multi-purpose orientation, focused on the ability to overcome terrain tires with spikes systems and high fenders familiar, but still there is a certain strange impress customers.

Design 03Gen F focus on surrealism.

In this impressive two products, the X being realistic 03Gen than brothers 03Gen F and will easily accept to customers by Scrambler familiar style, while 03Gen F show distinct design current industry.

03Gen X brings the tail of classic design in the spirit Scrambler, but are accenting with detailed and dramatic contours.

With the positive trend of customers for the three-wheeled vehicles, along with the development of technology, particularly innovative design and impressive front steering system, Yamaha is the manufacturer proves to be integrated the most extreme in this segment.

The rear design of 03Gen impressive F

*** The attractive video on youtube channel Yamaha launched recently:

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