Reserve tank bolt-on type USB port, dedicated USB battery charger for motorcycles, is released: DZELL

  • 18/10/2016

Motorcycle part seller CORHEART, which designs motorcycle parts as well, has launched “Reserve tank bolt-on type USB port from Dzell that CORHEART deals.

An exclusive USB battery charger for motorcycles that has been designed for motorcycles. This product emphasizes its practical use without compromising the aesthetic appearance by fixing itself over the top of the stock master cylinder cap.


Three sizes are provided depending on vehicle size and three color options are available.

The prices are: Two Port 9,000 Yen (excluding tax), One Port 8,000 Yen (excluding tax), and Two Port Y/B 9,000 Yen (excluding tax).

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Design for Motorcycles

Patent-protected original product including the setting position, method, design, and wing-shaped tongs cover.

This product combines good design and functionality.


Dedicated size for the shape of the stock master cylinder

Dzell USB port is installed by fixing itself over the stock master cylinder cap. Waterproof. No worries on a rainy day.


Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology makes quick charge — maximum four times as quick

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology makes more efficient charge possible, maximum four times as fast as a normal battery charger and up to 45% faster than Quick Charge 2.0.

It takes 35 minutes to charge the battery to 0% – 80% of 2750mAh battery.

Powerful 5V3A power output. กำลังไฟ 5V3A Charge is possible while the two ports are in use.

USB Two Port


Width: 85mm (Maximum), Length: 42.4mm (Maximum, except protrusion), Thickness: 16mm

[Suitable Vehicles]

HONDA Large reserve tank size (AfricaTwin/Super Four/Bol d’Or)

– Some YAMAHA vehicles etc.


USB One Port


Width: 53mm, Length: 38mm (except protrusion), Thickness: 17mm

[Suitable Vehicles]

HONDA Small reserve tank size (GROM/PCX)

Kawasaki (Ninja250)

YAMAHA (BM’S) etc.


USB Two Port Y/B


Width: 74.5mm, Length: 42.5mm (except protrusion), Thickness: 17mm

[Suitable Vehicles]


BMW (C600/C650GT)

SUZUKI (Hayabusa) etc.

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Original Source [ CORHEART CO., LTD. ]



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