The Sports Customize and Pursue Modern Classic Style

  • 17/05/2018


Can’t deny that right now a trend for customizing motorcycle isn’t for a sporty look, nor cafe racer or classic, but it’s modern classic style! (It’s pretty awesome just by hearing the name, while yet to have any part on your bike)



So… what is the difference between this “modern classic” and “classic” anyway? The modern classic is a combination of modern technology and a high grade material in production of making a classic style motorcycle part.



The Sports, a highly developed custom parts, has just been entering Thailand motorcycle market recently, but their reputation, quality and art of design are top class. Their huge lineup includes custom seat, headlight fairing, fender, meter bracket, leather saddle bag or a 3 in one tail light that combine tail light, blinkers and brake light in one piece. Every single piece of these work of art are well designed and crafted by The Sports.


The effort of their hard work on designing can be seen on every corner of each item including high quality material that The Sports specially chooses for production. This is truly a Custom Made in Thailand parts!



The Sports is also working on new projects nonstop in order to satisfy all riders’ need. This is the time of your life to try modern classic style!


When you are ready to go with this modern classic style, come find us at Webike

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