SUNSTAR releases Premium Racing Disc Rotors exclusive for GSX-S1000/F

  • 07/09/2016


Add rigid touch of braking to GSX-S1000!

SUNSTAR, which plans, manufactures and sells sprockets/brake-discs, has released a premium racing disc rotors exclusive for GSX-S1000/F.


GSX-S1000 that debuted in 2015 is a street fighter that is in a direct line of GSX-R1000 and gains a high reputation for its extremely high travel performance. Lightweight and stylish wheels, inverted fork, and brembo’s radial mount caliper are used as standard.


What is necessary for such GSX-S1000 is a high performance disc rotor.

The normal disc is 5.0mm thick. Since the caliper side tolerates 5.5mm thickness, 5.5mm of the premium racing is perfect.

This product increases the heat capacity by thickening the plate, reduces waste of piston movement by making less amount of piston protrude, and then produces rigid touch of braking.

Naturally, the amount of fluid in the caliper body decreases and the temperature rise in the brake system is finally suppressed.


Premium Racing Disc Rotors exclusive for GSX-S1000/F

Product No./Price excluding tax (per plate)

♦ Hole Type

Plate Width 5.0mm: LL219 34,000 Yen

Plate Width 5.5mm: LL239 36,000 Yen

♦ Slit Type

Plate Width 5.0mm: GL219 36,000 Yen

♦ Hole & Slit Type

Plate Width 5.0mm: EL219 39,000 Yen

Plate Width 5.5mm: EL239 41,000 Yen

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