Photo Gallery Candidate Viar Scrambler 400

  • 16/06/2016

Candidate Viar Motor Scrambler  The new premises. Though not for police again samperin wrote directly to Booth Hall Automotive PRJ Viar In 2016 JIExpo deh and really only two candidates for the new motor Viar (provisional name) Viar Adventure 250 and Scrambler 400 displayed on a place specially with sloping contours let us consider first the detail of Physical Viar Scrambler 400.

Headlamp given a sort of protective / cover design months, even turn signal in a round design

Panel design is vintage and vintage two spheres is no speedometer and tachometer

High handlebars made with a model that is also simple

Panel switch panel on the handlebars too general and complete enough, not even so can headlights on and off

Teardrop models tank with fuel cap hole on the right

Tandem seat upholstery and rather soft.

1 engine exhaust air-cooled two-cylinder, seen with the presence fin heat

there is already injector and throttle Body. Means the injection

two channels below for what?

Muffler double left-right with chrome finishing details

Drum double rear with rear brake drum brake

Piston front brake disc two. Both front and rear using a type of finger spoke. Viar Motor Indonesia has not officially announced when it will be released and at what price tag of this bike. We wait together see also the gallery

Source TMC


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