WR’s S.O.V Slip-on Exhaust for YAMAHA YZF-R25 Overview

  • 19/08/2016

[ Kenny Sagawa, Webike Channel Navigator ]


Today I’d like to introduce you WR’s Titanium Oval Short Silencer.


Design & Weight

This silencer is extremely compact, slim oval shape and really light.
It only weighs 1.2kg compared to 2.8kg OEM exhaust. It’s made of titanium and has beautiful burnt colors. Colors change in gradation from blue, violet to gold. These are unique aspects of titanium material.

WR’s offers silencers in round oval and hexagonal shapes. This one is the latest Titanium Short Oval Silencer. When its mounted to the machine the short and compact features resemble the MotoGP YZR-M1.

Riding Impression & Sound

At the test ride, engine rpm felt revving powerfully over 9000 rpm so it seems to perform at high rpm. The most unique feature is the sound. WR’s exhausts feature unique sounds and this one offers clear and beautiful pleasant sounds. It plays a fascinating sound at high rpm like a pipe instrument.

Other Features

You can mount it on with a silencer band. Or with a bracket with which you can change angles. Optional heat guard is available as well. The WR’s Titanium Oval Short Silencer is certified by JMCA.
You’ll be able to enjoy pleasant crisp echo sounds when you’re on the road.


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WR’s Slip-on Exhaust
WR’s Slip-on Exhaust
WR’s Slip-on Exhaust



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