[REDBULL] World’s First Record for Bike Wheeling the 60km Isle of Man TT

  • 13/10/2016

Bike Wheeling the 60km Isle of Man TT Racing Course

Trial legend Dougie Lampkin pulled of one of his biggest challenges at the Isle of Man TT to complete the 60.7km on a wheelie attempt and made a brilliant success.


In the past, Dougie Lampkin has made twelve glorious successes at the Trial Bike World Champion. Starting of at the grand stand at Douglas, Dougie continued to keep his wheelie position through strong winds, traffic (the roads remained open during the attempt) and the sharp rises and falls of the course for an hour and 35 minutes till he arrived at the goal.


At the goal Dougie quoted: “It wasn’t over until a couple of meters from the end but that last couple of meters was just amazing.”

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