Honda, limited edition of the “PCX Special Edition” and “PCX150 Special Edition” of special specification

  • 22/04/2016

Honda, stylish appearance and such an excellent engine in environmental performance and scooter “PCX” has gained a good reputation in the “PCX150”, adopted the special color of the sporty image as “PCX Special Edition,” “PCX150 Special Edition” set to launch in each April 22 (Friday) in the sales order a limited time.

A pearl jasmine white has been adopted sense of quality “PCX Special Edition”, virile Poseidon black metallic has been adopted “PCX150 Special Edition” is in addition to the color change, respectively, the red stripe is applied, everywhere, such as three-dimensional emblem It adopted the red coloring in. It is to produce a sporty image and special feeling.


It adopted a special color and “PCX Special Edition,” “PCX150 Special Edition,” a limited release

PCX series, and appearance design with a feeling of luxury in a stylish which adopted the LED on all the lighting equipment, scooter global engine “eSP (ESP Guitars)” for with excellent environmental performance such as ※ 2 equipped with, to your wide range of layer It is a scooter, which received high support.

Special color was adopted this time, the Pearl Jasmine White and dauntless Poseidon black metallic with a sense of quality in the subject color, each body cover from the front cover, adopt a red stripe over the grab rail. In addition, the seat of the stitching and the rear suspension spring, by adopting the red color ring of everywhere, such as three-dimensional emblem of the body side of the cover, to produce a sporty image and special feeling.

※ 1 orders period 2016 April 21 days from (Thursday) 2016 July 31 (Sunday) to
※ 2 enhanced (enhanced, increasing the value) Smart (refined, precise and high sensitivity) Power (power, engine) stands for, adopted the advanced technology such as low fuel consumption technology and ACG starter, is the generic name is Jin generic name of the scooter for engine with improved environmental performance and power performance


■ PCX150 color variation of

Pearl Dark Ash Blue (new color)
mat Techno Silver Metallic
Pearl Jasmine White
, Poseidon Black Metallic


■ sales target (domestic and year)

PCX: Series total / 17,000
PCX150: Series total / 5,000


■ Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (consumption tax included Pasento 8)

PCX Special Edition: ¥ 340,200 (consumption tax base price of 315,000 yen)
PCX150 Special Edition: ¥ 371,520 (consumption tax base price of 344,000 yen)

※ The price (including recycling costs) (excluding consumption tax) insurance premiums, taxes, costs and expenses associated with such registration is not included.


Parts for PCX 125

Parts for PCX 150


PCX Special Edition Pearl Jasmine White

PCX150 Special Edition Poseidon Black Metallic

PCX 150 Pearl Dark Ash Blue

Main Specifications


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