NOLAN X-802RR Full Face Helmet Overview!

  • 01/07/2016


Today, we’d like to introduce you the NOLAN helmet with Mr. Matsuoka from DAYTONA handling NOLAN helmets.

Difference between NOLAN and X-lite

This helmet is a model named X-802RR. It’s the top product of X-lite. First I’d like to explain the difference between a X-lite helmet and NOLAN helmet. NOLAN is the name of the company and X-lite is the name of the brand. NOLAN logos are printed on the X-lite helmets of Casey Stoner and Bastianini in relation to sponsorship. In subject to the contract.




The best remarks of NOLAN Helmets are that they are used for races. X-lite is a top brand in Europe. You might have seen Stoner, Bastianini and Melandri wearing them at races. In the past decade, champion racers wearing NOLAN helmets are increasing in number. They are best worn at races. Which means NOLAN helmets have achieved the most number of trophies in the world.


Ventilation and Liners

There are four ventilations on the front side. They are easy to use. The air outlet is located on the back. You can adjust the stability of the helmet with the wing on the back of the helmet when you’re driving at high speed. Next we’ll show you the inner section. The liner has good reputation for its good fit. This is highly rated by MotoGP riders. When you are in riding position, the space on the back side makes it feel comfortable. It’s easy to turn your head sideways as well.


The liner is round and will fit any head shape perfectly. It is a carbon liner with Activated Carbon Fiber cover. The cover is antistatic and antibacterial. The material we’re talking about is the green part. If you touch it you’ll realize how soft it is. There will be no trouble using it for long hours. The liner looks nice and comfortable.


You’ll be able to find 14 different designs just for the models used by Petrucci and Bastianini. I see that there are much more variations than Japanese helmets. All helmets meet SG and MFJ Safety Regulations and can be used for racing. That’s why they can be used for racing. We can recommend safety with confidence because they have actually been used at races. They must be safe. They are helmets that lead champions to win in races. It’ll be a true choice. Today we have shown you the X-802RR, top product of NOLAN Helmet’s X-lite brand.


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