[New product] Ethos design, add released yellow and 3L size that becomes the new color for the Competition “TRY-1 TR92 Globe”

  • 16/02/2016

Ethos design has added released yellow and 3L size that becomes the new color for the competition in the “TRY-1 TR92 glove”.

TR92 glove that has been developed as a trial competition only. Good fit tight, and but goods was popular in high handling and stability, on the other hand it has been feeling small in the larger user’s hand in. In this study a new 3L size lineup. It was able to provide to a wider audience.

Also 4,200 yen any suggested retail price (excluding tax).

TRY-1 TR92 glove (yellow)




There is a commitment in the making, strongly to friction and tear, it has a not easily slip, even when wet. It does not interfere with the movement of the hand, it has become a globe in pursuit of comfort and a minimum of protection.


▼ details are described below page.


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