Up to 432,000 yen off! MV Agusta, the campaign to purchase “TURISMO VELOCE 800 LUSSO” “STRADALE 800” in monitor price implementation

  • 29/06/2016


Limited to 40 people monitor campaign target 

MV AGUSTA JAPAN is, to implement the “TURISMO VELOCE 800 LUSSO” and “STRADALE 800” can be purchased at the monitor price “MV AGUSTA monitor price campaign” to target a total of 40 people.


To target the “TURISMO VELOCE 800 LUSSO” limited to 30 people, usually becomes a 1,765,800 yen at the yen 2,197,800, to 432,000 yen off.  

“STRADALE 800” is to target the limited 10 people, usually becomes a 1,431,000 yen at the yen 1,755,000, become 324,000 yen off. (Both ※ tax included price)


Monitor conditions are the following two.  

  • MV AGUSTA JAPAN home page, at Facebook, me for a monitor report.  (At least twice within one month from the purchase)
  • Own share the report with the public · MV AGUSTA JAPAN website at SNS. (At least four times a year report)

Campaign period has become a July 1, 2006 to December 31, 2016. From the following press release




  • genuine parts support of 50,000 yen in the periodic inspection. (Three years enabled)
  • in collaboration with Tekunoiru-Jayon KK like, engine oil “MOTUL 300V FACTORY LINE ROAD RACING 5W- 40 ,” the 20L support (free of charge)

further Chain Lube, chain cleaner , also tire repair will be free of charge support.


Information provider [ MV AGUSTA JAPAN ]

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