Yamaha MT-10 x AD Koncept!

  • 24/06/2016

Yamaha MT-10 x AD Koncept! - 150


A Customization of Transformer!

MT-10 is the new star in Yamaha’s line-up, a naked beast derived from the mighty YZF-R1, but offering an entirely different approach to two-wheeled fun. And since the MT family has quickly become one of the favorite choices for renderings, here’s AD Koncept’s take on the new liter-class roadster, the MT-10.

Yamaha MT-10 x AD Koncept! - 143 1024x683

The Doctor #46


A modern fighter going retro?

Having one of the latest sport bikes transformed into a retro icon is one of the things that we just don’t get to see every day, but AD Koncept is not afraid to experiment. One of their neatest creations is an MT-10 with a weathered paint and an attire that’s entirely different from any of the MT siblings. 

It’s amazing how much the Yamaha MT-10 can change with the addition of a retro, round headlight, skimpy carbon fiber fenders, and a new tail section. The front end also lost the miniature windscreen and received low clip-ons that introduce a dash of cafe-racer, while the aftermarket flared exhaust enhances the classic looks. The carbon end cap looks racy, but it doesn’t add too much modern DNA to this (virtual) build.

Yamaha MT-10 x AD Koncept! - 151 1024x585


Yamaha definitely has to try modding the MT-10, as it looks that the bike has a huge potential. The X-Fighterversion shows yet another direction the custom MT-10 might take.

Yamaha MT-10 x AD Koncept! - 139 1024x576


Perusing the AD Koncept gallery we can almost vouch there already are guys out there ready to pull the trigger on the MT-10 and who are contemplating customizing it.

Yamaha MT-10 x AD Koncept! - 147 1024x683


Information Resource: www.autoevolution.com and AD Koncept



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