Awesome Custom Grom

  • 16/05/2016


Just a glance and you could see all the hard work that the owner has put on this Grom. What he has done to his little boy paid off in acquiring the third place of Webike Thailand Custom Contest. A lot of you sure are wondering what are the parts included in this bike. Let’s go analyze it together.



  • Take a close look here. The bore up kit 164cc and CDI can’t be from any company other than Kitaco. While the oil cooler is Morin’s


  • An acrylic windshield together with HID projector headlight and low type handle bar from GTR.


  • Now let’s take a look around top bridge. The handle clamp, oil gauge and voltage gauge are from OPMID.
  • Everyone has to know Racing Boy as a leading magnesium wheel from Maleysia, however, there are a lot of high quality products from this company such as brake and clutch master cylinder in this picture. There are Maxnum’s gas tank cover and grip from Rizoma.


  • Of cause we can’t miss the most important part as Brembo, which has on both front and rear wheel. Disc rotor is a little different. On front he has 220mm. From CR Racing and 190 mm. From Speedy for his rear disc.  
  • The wheel is still the same old one from the shop, but is customized to 13’’. The tires are from Pirelli, 60/130 in the front and 60/140 for the rear wheel.
  • Tail light and spring clutch are Kitaco ’s with Genmar’s rear set kit. He uses YSS’s rear suspension and BF’s carbon end exhaust with titanium silencer and stainless pipe.


  • Some of you may have heard of Thailand’s leading seat manufacturer, Noi Watdan. Of cause this Grom also has it equipped. Another unique part that is an eye-catching is under cowl from Petex as well as mudguard.
  • You may think that this is all for custom parts on this bike. Well, sorry that you are wrong. There are tons of item from TPN Too Pak Nam, a custom shop in Thailand that has various line up for your bike. The owner finish the overall look with grey Lamborghini color fairing.



Customizing a bike isn’t easy as you think it is, but it worths the effort if your final form looks like this awesome Grom.


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