Yamaha, published the video “MOTOBOT Meets The Doctor,” a human-type autonomous riding robot “Motobot” was Rossi and first meeting

  • 19/05/2016


Yamaha, published in 2015, the fall of the Tokyo Motor Show, the sequel of the large humanoid autonomous riding robot “MOTOBOT” got the echo image in the whole world, was published on Youtube.

Finally Meguria’ was MOTOBOT and Rossi

“I was born to more than you.” The two-wheel road racing superstar, Valentino Rossi of MotoGP rider.

In the previously published “MOTOBOT (Motobotto) Ver.1”, had been projected is still immature autonomous running of the scene of “MOTOBOT”, in the “MOTOBOT Meets The Doctor” in the sequel, along with the scene that runs the circuit, finally plays the Rossi and the first face-to-face.


In the future, the goal is to the circuit running at a speed of 200Km in 2017, gradually is being developed in the future.

Humanoid autonomous riding robot “MOTOBOT” of Yamaha Motor, finally face-to-face with Valentino Rossi

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., published in 2015, the fall of the Tokyo Motor Show, all human type to give a great response in the world autonomous riding robot “MOTOBOT” today the sequel of the video was published on Youtube.


MOTOBOT is, without touching the motorcycle body, is a humanoid autonomous robot riding with a focus on vehicle operation as seen from the human side. For the first time to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015, it drew a great deal of attention from home and abroad.


Research theme is “Beyond Human Capabilities”. Generally, the robot is able to specialized applications, and demonstrate the ability to transcend the human. That taking advantage of the superiority, declared the last published video “To” The Doctor “, Dear Rossi” The challenge in the lap time in the circuit to MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi MOTOBOT. In the “MOTOBOT Meets The Doctor” in the sequel, and finally his first face-to-face. Curious Rossi for the first time see MOTOBOT. Engineers and Rossi is whether signed any conversation. Please see the video by all means.

MOTOBOT Meets The Doctor (Valentino Rossi)


Yamaha Motor is a research and technology development institutions to lead the world and conducting research and development of MOTOBOT at SRI and co, the knowledge and advanced element technology resulting from this challenge, product expansion and new value creation we will continue to apply to.


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MOTOBOT Ver. 1 / To “The Doctor”, Dear Rossi
in order to transcend the Rossi at the circuit. Humanoid autonomous robot riding Ver MOTOBOT. 1 Https://Youtu.Be/EzgJWwAx8Mo


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