KTM, start accepting orders for the “450 Rally” factory replica 2017 model year

KTM, 450 Rally the announcement

factory replica to win in Dakar, the start of the even order 2017 model

KTM has been decorated the victory in succession for 15 years Dakar Rally. Not only the factory machine to have supported it, but rather the replica model, but 450 Rally. This commercial vehicle model was won in second place in the race of 2016. Toughest field the overwhelming reliable and durable machine that has been proven in the world, soon also start accepting orders towards the 2017 rally.

Continued to practical machine development in the race field, where the cultivated technology was put into commercial vehicles straight, customers in high satisfaction and the other that can not be imitated reliability, providing the durability KTM.

Male of off-road responsible for the vertices, but 450 Rally . In Dakar Rally which is said to be the toughest rally in the world, poured generously the KTM factory team of technology that continues to reign in the top over the 15 years up to the present, which were transferred to the stage in the United States from Africa era, fight factory machine machines that are even to be possible. Only KTM also of these machines are provided in reach to the general user price is the current situation.

450 Rally is a superb finish played a Japanese pilot, the machine itself MitsuhashiAtsushi players bought in the Dakar Rally in 2016.

Depending on the Mitsuhashi player who competed in the machine with the power to climb on the podium rider, 450 do not have to “break even what is happening the Rally and say expires overwhelming confidence, steering stability of good, run by the power of the top end straight-line stability at the time, simple structure and rich torque, which is one very Dakar if this machine is there are helpful and could not finish the race. ”

Toby = price players of factory team that played the race was this commercial model also had finished third place while debutants in last year’s race. Also to have acquired Stefan = Suvikko second place podium was run at this year’s race, was this commercial vehicles.

450 Rally because of the limited production cars, but not always available if the reservation, accept the reservation in the nation of KTM regular dealer. Dakar Rally is, of course, it is no doubt the fastest ticket to win the rally of the world.

KTM 450 Rally

Almost the same vehicle with the world’s best factory machine is a story, such as the even dream of being able to buy at this price. The 2016 model is the basic format is scheduled to be the same, but as a 2017 model, in addition to improve the aging and further put the experience of the latest of the Dakar Rally, and improved to meet the regulation, and even KTM of the latest model a brush-up due to the base is different from that to this. Photo is last in the reference, please be forewarned that there is actual product different parts.

■ suggested retail price

3,888,000 yen (excluding tax) * foreign exchange situation by there is a possibility of change

■ production scheduled

October 2016

■ reservation period

2016 April 12 to the end of July

■ reservation destination

nationwide KYM regular dealer

■ production reservation number

undecided (about 50 units in previous years the world)

■ Main specifications

engine format / water-cooled SOHC4 cycle single cylinder

exhaust amount /449.3CC(95×63.4mm)

Fuel tank capacity / about 33L

vehicle weight / about 140kg (by fuel)

■ MitsuhashiAtsushi players and Rally KTM450, ADVENTURE

2016 years, as a champion in the four-wheel commercial vehicles sector of active duty, and converted to a two-wheel challenge in the Dakar Rally, superbly Jun Mitsuhashi player who played a finish. It became a Japanese pilot who played the only finishers in the strictly professional Dakar Rally from South America was on the stage. With Mitsuhashi player in KTM, to line up the model group, including commercial adventure model “KTM 1190Adventure” that feedback technology that has been trained in the Dakar Rally, run in conjunction with Mitsuhashi players, in the future the play planning evolves.

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