KAWASAKI Ninja H2 (2015)

  • 19/08/2015

KAWASAKI Ninja H2 (2015) - 1433076178552L

Ninja H2, which is called the fruit of technologies of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Its owners have been increasing among Webike users. Ninja H2 has many innovative technologies such as devastating power, a design that aerodynamics is considered, and excellent sense of appearance that is mirror coated. This vehicle is in the state as it is delivered; however, please pay attention to custom parts which will be released by each parts manufacture in the future!

KAWASAKI Ninja H2 (2015) - 1433076178552L

KAWASAKI Ninja H2 (2015) - 1433076177403L

KAWASAKI Ninja H2 (2015) - 1432984330504L

KAWASAKI Ninja H2 (2015) - 1437826194013L


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