Kawasaki “KX250F” in order to win model the details of the announcement 2017

  • 27/06/2016

Engine is more powerful, the body is more lightly Slim

From Kawasaki, details of the released are “KX250F” 2017 model year was announced on July 1, 2016.

Equipped with from the factory machine of the feedback has been advanced technology, KX250F model change. “From the intermediate level of the rider to expert rider, stand to the top of the podium,” the design concept of the KX that is, has been and shall not shake even now that after more than 40 years it sends out KX brand in the world.

Title medal count at the AMA has demonstrated the ability of the Kawasaki KX, has won the glory due to a variety of technology that has been leading the performance of the engine and chassis and class.



Evolution does not stop. Power up inheriting the specification of the KX250F factory

2017 models of the engine, factory direct line of technology, while lighter adopted a “bridged -box bottom piston”, ensure the rigidity. Skirt adopts molybdenum coating, piston pin is also lighter. Such as to optimize the balance of the crankshaft, various devices for friction reduce is applied.

Intake of the line also has a downdraft structure, the injector of the fuel supply is update the part in Hall 8 from 4 hole. It has contributed to the engine power and pickup improvement.

Frame even further evolution. Narrowing 6mm width of the frame, that to further inward radiator, achieve a streamlining of the shroud. Frame material has also evolved to sensitive characteristics that grip the ground feeling of the front by selectively using the casting and forging.

Various parts of the engine and frame, body weight was 106.2 kg in fine stacked in 2016 models of parts, is lighter to 104.6 kg, is a reduction in the overall weight of the at 1.6 kg is achieved.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is ¥ 772,200 (base price 715,000 yen, consumption tax 57,200 yen).


KX250F 2017 model year





The main changes from the 2016 model year


  • Offset cylinder adoption of
  • intake line of the downdraft of
  • the inside cylinder plateau homing processing
  • journal bearing the big end of the connecting rod
  • change and the weight of the piston shape

Frame & Body Work

  • Vehicle weight 1.6 kg lighter
  • and change of the steering stem
  • streamlining of aluminum perimeter-frame
  • flattening and the adoption of a seamless design from the Fuel tank toward the sheet
  • change of valve setting of the front fork
  • valve settings, rear suspension, spring of change
  • number (bib) plate, front fender, front fork guard, side cover, changing the shape of the rear fender
  • add the intake duct to-rear fender
  • streamlining shroud
  • adopt an in-mold graphic to shroud design
  • color & change of graphics


– You can change the engine map without using a computer or a battery, the adoption of the controller type KX FI Calibration Kit of

※ KX FI Calibration Kit is sold separately. (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: tax included 61,560 yen)





part of the photo is different and sales vehicle.


Kawasaki KX250F 2017



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