Life Inside Japan’s Aging Biker Gangs

  • 02/06/2016

Last time we were talking about top 5 most dangerous motorcycle gang in America. Today, let’s visit the origin of top four motorcyle brand that we all use. This is Japanese Bosozoku!


Japanese motorcycle gangs, known as bosozoku (or “speed tribes”), have been wreaking havoc since the 1970s, Often dressed like Kamikaze pilots and roam the highways with their customized bikes and waging war against rival crews and cops. They will smash the car windows of any motorist that dared defy them with baseball bats. Foreigners were an especially favorite target of the bōsōzoku’s aggression.  



Being part of one of these gangs—each with their own distinct jumpsuits—was a frantic lifestyle, one associated with violence and even early death. Young people were recruited by elders in the early teens to join and taught to protect the reputation of their gang, even if that meant standing one’s ground when grossly outnumbered.



These days many ex-bōsōzoku parade around on their bikes in non-disruptive groups and enjoy dancing, performing music and socializing in groups in Harajuku, an area well known for its outrageous fashion.


Harajuku Black Shadow dancers (ex-bōsōzoku), hanging out in Harajuku, 2008





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