Review: SHOEI J・O’ with Built-in Goggle-shaped Visor

  • 29/09/2016


SHOEI has released a lot of functional and newsy products such as a modular helmet whose face part can be opened and a helmet with inner visor as its premium helmet. It has brought a photochromic shield that is capable to modulate light with reaction against ultraviolet rays to the market lately and it has been in the news.


Jet Helmet Equipped With Built-in Goggle-shaped Inner Visor


It is “X-Fourteen”, a premium helmet of a new generation, that SHOEI announced on February 24. In addition, “J・O”, an open-face helmet equipped with a built-in inner visor, was announced, too.



Using a visor but not goggles to cover the eyes brings safety and antifog properties as well as better vision than goggles. A smoked visor is available, too. In this way, J・O has been announced as a product satisfying customers’ needs. Five color options are available: white, black, matte black, rat gray and matte brown. The price is 32,000 Yen (11,000 THB). Graphic model is planned to come next.


Details on Helmet

Now, we are going to tell you the details based on the photographed product and our expression about it. The model we are telling is a graphic model TC-10, which is planned to come to market.


Inner visor is designed to reduce wind turbulence and has a hook for easy pulling it down. The base part of the shield is slightly curved to avoid touching the face. The design of the shell side line is straight and sharp when seen from the front. It becomes a compact shell design to avoid “top-heavy” impression. Its smallness is very impressive once we took a real product in our hand. The shell is not only strong but keeps refined silhouette. AIM combining fiberglass with organic fibers is used, the same material as used in the premium helmets.


The base of the back side of the head is a duck-tail shape which is used in custom motorcycles. The shell with curved line but not flat line enables both a stiffer shell and a beautiful design.



Interior System

The interior material exclusive for J・O feels soft and uses raised fabric. It feels soft differently from sport helmets. The interior system enables soft and embraced wearing comfort. It is fully removable and finely adjustable with optional center/cheek pads. J・O logo stickers are not affixed on the body. They come as including accessories. This leaves users, whether they want the logo or not, a choice to affix the stickers by themselves on wherever they like. You can feel J. O’s stance of valuing freedom throughout the development.



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