Super nice 2-wheel machine

  • 29/11/2016

Huge Moto / Huge Design is a company active in the field of industrial design, in the field of motorcycle they have 3 beautiful design style bodykit fighter Café: Café Fighter Kawasaki bodykit for ZX7, Café & Café Fighter Fighter Black for Honda CBR1000RR.

More specifically Article 3 of this bodykit is only bolted on the original chassis and wiring a bit rudimentary skills. Huge Moto is pursuing a plan very ambitious project, which is creating two-wheel sports machine is called “MONO RACR” with a stylish design and stunning simplicity. Huge Moto – “Beauty in the direction of the front neck design (retro-modern) technologies combined with geometric racing chassis / steering system has been proven on the track, detailing setup and aerodynamics.

The construction of the motorcycle actually begins with a design philosophy “CLEAN and MEAN” Starting with an extremely important part: Honda engine 4 cylinder 1,000cc which all parts are carefully consider, designed from the inside out in the form of mono structural carbon fiber to save weight, as well as additional performance suat. Objective is to create a real car as possible and it’s not just a single concept in Huge Moto considering making the choice to make “MONO RACR” becomes a reality. ”



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