Comparison Winner Exciter 150 and 150 through every detail specifications

  • 26/07/2016

Honda Winner 150 – Exciter 150 challengers in insect hand  motorcycle segment


Honda Winner 150 is now come hand motorcycle challenge the dominance of Exciter 150 Taper hand motorcycle segment. Winner will compare Exciter 150 and 150 through every detail specifications to help believers motorcycles overview of the 2 motorcycles.

In Vietnam Motorcycle Show 2016 has opened this morning, Honda has unexpectedly unveiled motorcycles Honda Winner taper sleeve 150. With the previously leaked information, Winner 150 is defined as the most serious competitor to the rulers Exciter 150. the arrival of Honda Winner 150 made waves Vietnamese motorcycle market and is attracting the attention of auto enthusiasts. So where is the victor? Compare Winner Exciter 150 and 150 through every detail specifications.


Yamaha Exciter 150 has new rival


Yamaha Exciter 150 has long been no rival in sub-range vehicles since its release taper hands for decades. Honda Winner challenger 150 – taper models Honda’s all-new hand whether there is sufficient capacity to compete with Exciter 150? To increase the competitive strength, giants Honda did not hesitate to equip the vehicle first hand his taper technologies with a beautiful design, pit.

In the meantime Honda Winner 150 will officially debut on the market in June to Vietnam, we can compare Exciter Winner 150 and 150  through their specifications.


Comparison table 150 and exciter 150 Winner

Compare 150 and exciter 150 Winner

Basically, we can see the specs quite evenly in both 2 ,otorcycles, from a height, tire parameters until capacity and torque. The biggest difference is the key and also located in the engine. While the DOHC 150 Winner, 6 of the Exciter 150 is SOHC, 5 numbers. However, we need to verify the actual post before drawing any conclusions about the two types of engines as well as the performance of the two cars. will quickly update the latest information about 150 Winner as well as price information about this Honda car taper sleeve. Car enthusiasts can be seen whether a spectacular coup of Honda in the segment taper sleeve in the future? – Photo: techz



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