HONDA Monkey 125 Newest Color “Pearl Glitter Ring Blue will be launched in Japan on July 26!

  • 04/07/2019

HONDA Moped Type-2 motorcycle scaled up the excitement while following the consistent attraction of HONDA models like simple, compact, lovely which are the interesting characteristics of Monkey model generation. ※HONDA added New color for a leisure model of Monkey 125 and will be launched on July 26 (Friday).

*1 When riding this motorcycle, you need to have a driver’s license either a regular motorcycle license (Small Size is also acceptable) or a large motorcycle license.

This time, a refreshing pearl glittering blue color is newly added to spice up the imagination of the riders. It has 3-color variations you can choose from together with the Pearl Nebula Red and Banana Yellow colors.

Monkey 125 also aims to evolve in correspond to the convenience of modern society while following the style taken over from the first model of Monkey. This model is equipped with an easy-to-use air-cooled 4-stroke OHC 125cc single cylinder engine with excellent fuel efficiency. And, also adopted as a model with a high taste and a great sense of ownership because of its steel-made with chromium finishing front and rear fenders and exhaust cover.

The tires are fitted with 12-inches block pattern type to produce uniqueness and durability. Also, it achieves an easy-to-handle operation feeling that combines comfort and flexibility together with an excellent rigidity of the front inverted fork and seat cushioning. This model has been receiving so much appreciation from a wide range of users.

Monkey 125

Pearl Glitter Ring Blue



Sales Plan Number (Japan/Yearly)

5000 units

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (consumption tax 8% included)

Monkey 125

¥399,600 (excluding consumption tax unit price ¥370,000)

Monkey 125(ABS)

¥432,000 (excluding consumption tax body price ¥400,000)

*Prices (including recycling costs) do not include expenses related to insurance, taxes (excluding consumption taxes) and registration etc.

Original Source [ HONDA ]

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