The style of the Honda CX500 Scrambler

  • 27/04/2016

CX500 is located in the Honda CB line, is one of the most popular version was produced even mere 5 years from 1978 but has left its mark especially for car enthusiasts. 


With the customer’s request, Cameron Smyth has designed a completely new version brings CX500 style body shape of the Scrambler ready for the rugged terrain and remote rural areas. Starting work with the Honda CX500 born in 1979, Cameron Smyth has replaced virtually all of the details such as the engine replaced the clutch plates, springs, water tanks and fitted with Mikuni carburetors of Murray.



This was followed by improved handling and brakes were replaced with dual disc brakes of the GSXR750, fenders parts have been changed to fit the tires Kenda Big Block. Scrambler True to style, the CX500 is replacing the rims rims 17 inch spokes of Sun Rims with stainless steel spokes of Buchanan.



System equipped with LED headlamps Primo Rivera. In keeping with what has been outlined, the fuel tank is also changed in shape and volume and repainted blue Cadillac Daphne.



Saddle parts were redesigned to match the overall shape and feels comfortable and enjoy the most prominent features of the Honda CX500 Vietnam Scrambler.



Ministry flawless image of a Honda CX500 Scrambler


Thanks for Information (MT), Photos: Silodrome

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