HONDA APE100 (2009)

  • 09/12/2015

HONDA APE100 (2009) - 1448787478698L

With YAMAMOTO RACING down-type exhaust and KITACO big fuel tank, this HONDA APE100 creates a strong impression. The engine has been improved with KITACO big bore kit and KEIHIN carburetor. The big tank has enabled a longer ride. The owner also has YAMAHA XJR1300, but s/he uses this APE on a round-trip tour of 100km or so. The Kumamon sticker on the tank is lovely.


Motorcycle data
Honda APE100 (2009)

Exhaust:  YAMAMOTO Down-type exhaust
Fuel tank:  KITACO Big fuel tank
Big bore kit:  KITACO Big bore kit

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