HONDA APE100 (2004)

  • 30/09/2015

HONDA APE100 (2004) - 1390312563169L

With black and orange painted by the owner, with a single seat cowl, with an up-type exhaust and such, this vehicle has been customized to the level of showing few signs of APE100 and it has appeared a very aggressive one. Using OEM parts of NSR50 and NS-1 as well as APE custom parts, the vehicle is filled with the owner’s strong preference to the details. The oil cooler mounted on around the head light is fake, but it casts a strong impact on the appearance.

HONDA APE100 (2004) - 1390312563169L

HONDA APE100 (2004) - 1381921995442L

HONDA APE100 (2004) - 1374243075557L

HONDA APE100 (2004) - 1327056743970L


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