Honda, also announced release Adventure models and off-road type of the concept of “NAVI” of innovative design in India

  • 25/02/2016


Strange bet the Honda offensive in India?! Model “NAVI”

Two-wheel market in India has shown a rapid expansion in recent years, Honda is the purpose of strengthening sales in India, HMSI (Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, Private Limited) to 1999 It was launched.

Prior to that there is also India’s laws and regulations of the problem, it had been engaged in the manufacture of motorcycles through the Hero Honda as a joint venture with Hero Cycles (now Hero MotoCorp). When you eliminate the alliance in 2010, HMSI (HMSI) is to change the policies that had been manufactured in the center of the scooter up to now.

The Hero Honda era manufacturing of utility vehicles were the main, it is from when each of the separate entity, HMSI has introduced a large bike, including the premium model. Although currently share occupied by the scooter are many, such as announcing the new African twin-on, has turned to the offensive.

Under such circumstances, was announced in the Indian motor show “NAVI” is great deal of attention as a model that apart from the bike until now.

Frankly target is a “young man”.

39,500 rupees, low-cost commuter of about 65,000 yen in the Japanese Yen

Newly announced “NAVI” is the current at once push up young people in India of purchasing, it has been developed as innovative products, such as appeal. Price from 39,500 rupees, the reservation from the smartphone app, by selecting colors and the purchase, but thoroughness that would be all over the net.

Play full of a novel design Gokoro

Especially in the novel’s design, adopts the automatic use the 110cc engine unit of the scooter, part of the engine fits originally has secured a space that can be loaded has become hollow.This space has to be able to various leverage, it seems to have been provided the option of box.

And not as of the existing scooter with a helmet housing, also without a pure motorcycle silhouette, it can be seen that it is a model that has been made ​​in a more free-thinking.

In particular, the design of the utility vehicle of bikes in India have similar also in degrees of manufacturers, there to introduce the fun Burodakuto in a novel design, but the concept is that.

Customization consideration to allow at will, is believed to be custom parts are sold. That NAVI’s the base model.

Adventure specifications and Street have been published the design of a variety of variations on the home page, such as off-road specification, it shows the development of such an exciting.

Introduction to Japan is probably considered that there is no, but it’s how to accept is the one looking forward to the model in the Indian market.

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