2016 EBR 1190SX and RX by EBR!!

  • 25/03/2016


While most everyone is familiar with the image of American motorcycles being personified by that ubiquitous brand, Harley-Davidson, there was one man who felt that there was an alternative to the traditional, overweight, bloated, cruiser. That man was Erik Buell, and he produced, for a time, the only American sport bike using a Harley-Davidson engine.


Using a 1,190 cc V-twin, with four-valves per cylinder and liquid-cooling, the 2016 EBR SX and RX are variations on EBR’s base theme of a bike capable of handling sports riding in both the canyons and the city. The RX is a full-fairing sportsbike, while the SX is molded in the “streetfighter” style.


Image 2014 EBR 1190 RX


Image 2016 EBR 1190 SX


Information Resource: paultan.org


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