Fenderless Kit MSX Charm The Side-view!

  • 11/03/2016

Fenderless Kit MSX Charm The Side-view! - 461


Gcraft to develop, manufacture and sale of custom parts, to launch a GROM for aluminum billet fenderless kit charm the side view.
It has secured a rigid right and left two machined aluminum plate with a solid, and has a fenderless kit that combines beauty and function.
Price is 16,500 yen (excluding tax).




Dedicated LED number light comes
By the irradiation angle to adopt a large and bright LED, it is raising the number of visibility at night.


In number light of compact, not a custom of interfere too insisted.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe regulations (ECE) compliant products (E mark)

(in ECE member countries and the E mark, the mark is displayed on the product that has received the testing and certification of safety parts)

※ comes with electro tap.

In accordance with the safety standards (H27.6.15 current) of the Road Trucking Vehicle various parts reflectors, direction indicator, because it has to optimize the angular position of the license plate, it can be used with confidence.


OVER Racing-made TT-Formula full titanium-up type correspondence.
Normal muffler, turn signal support.
YOSHIMURA-made R-77S cyclone carbon end EXPORT SPEC correspondence.

Fenderless Kit MSX Charm The Side-view! - 511 Fenderless Kit MSX Charm The Side-view! - 521 Fenderless Kit MSX Charm The Side-view! - 531


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