XTR Pepo’s “Siluro” Custom Ducati Monster 1200

  • 30/06/2016

It has been a while since we showed you one of XTR Pepo’s custom works, so please forgive our sins. To make it up to you though, we have the Siluro, a custom Ducati Monster 1200 that Ducati Spain commissioned from the Spanish bike builder.

If I’m honest, Ducati’s Monster line has really never struck a chord with me, but there is something about the Siluro that’s got me more than a little twitterpated.

Perhaps it is the high-mount, scrambler-styled Termignoni exhaust, or maybe it is Pepo’s signature “RAD” seat, that has adorned so many custom Ducati’s before this one, but is now wrapped in suede. Whatever it is, it’s working.

Unlike many of Pepo’s builds, this one uses many of the stock Monster 1200 pieces, rather than Frankenstein-ing a new machine from various Borgo Panigale pieces. Still, there is plenty of character to be found in Siluro, including the minimalist custom subframe.

Ducati designed the Monster with customization in mind, it refreshing to see someone playing with this platform in ways that are a little outside of the box. We’re honestly not sure why we don’t see more Monster 1200s popping up. Maybe the XTR Pepo Siluro will spark some interest.

With that in mind, enjoy the high-resolution photos of the XTR Pepo Siluro, below.




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