Cheap Scooter – Honda Navi 110 cc

  • 10/02/2016

Cheap Scooter – Honda Navi 110 cc - 151


AUTO EXPO exhibition in vehicles in India recently, Honda has launched the scooter 110 cc quite similar MSX125 named Honda Navi at only 580 USD list price in the Indian market.

152 Cheap Scooter – Honda Navi 110 cc - 152


Compared on the Indian market, Honda also cheaper Navi Honda MSX but both possess more advanced technology.



153 Cheap Scooter – Honda Navi 110 cc - 153


Honda Navi is divided into three versions: Street, Off-road Adventure and with 5 different colors: green, red, white, orange and black. The selling price was officially announced as 39,500 rupees (approximately 580 USD or 13 million). Navi Honda Honda Indian project to research and develop completely 100%. This is one of those rare scooter models shaped like a mini motorcycle, with container furniture in the form of fairly large trunk under the fuel tank position.




154 Cheap Scooter – Honda Navi 110 cc - 154


Overall the car is very similar to Honda MSX of the main parts such as design, gas tanks, plastic saddle, but compared to the size it is quite different, the car has a total size of 1805 x 784 x 1039 (mm) Order length, width, height. Vehicle length 1286 mm wheelbase chassis with a height of 156mm, 756 mm. seat height. About your weight, lightweight vehicles with a total weight of 101 kg.


155 Cheap Scooter – Honda Navi 110 cc - 155


The chassis is produced in underbone frame, using the front tubular shock absorbers and hydraulic shock absorbers after format. Vehicle fuel tank is also equipped with 3-liter capacity.

156 Cheap Scooter – Honda Navi 110 cc - 156


Honda India said Navi equipped Honda engine Honda Eco Technology (HET) environmentally-friendly, single-cylinder 110cc to capacity. Compared to other cc engine, this engine is quite powerful medium with a capacity of 7.83 hp at 7000 rpm rev / min max torque reached 8.96 Nm at 5500 rpm rev / minute. It can reach a maximum speed of over 80km / h.


157 Cheap Scooter – Honda Navi 110 cc - 157


Odo analog meter with a simple design, classic. *** The vehicle is only sold through purchase from smartphone apps Honda India for around 580USD


Source [Webike Vietnam]

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